Frequently Asked Questions

Length of stay at the halfway house?
The average stay at one of our correctional residential facilities is around 6 months. The lenght can vary depending on the specifics of your release, such as the PBC’s decision and its expectations, your status upon release as well as the length of your sentence.

The rooms?
Generally, we provide simple or double occupancy bedrooms. They are spacious and comfortable just like the other rooms in our centres. Additionnaly, the premises have been fitted to ensure your total comfort while meeting all your needs. 

Meals ?
On weekdays, balanced meals are prepared by our cook for lunch and dinner. Having everything on hand, the preparation of breakfast and weekend meals is left to the discretion of the residents. Every resident working have access to all the necessary food to pack a lunch. 

Let us first point out that to suspend your release is the last resort. However, this could be the appropriate course of action needed if you do not comply with the CRF’s rules and regulations or if you do not respect your correctional plan objectives or your special conditions imposed by the PBC. 

Night work? 
Night work can be approved as long as your work is legal, declared and respects the conditions of your status and requirements of the halfway house. 

Do I have to pay rent?
No. However, you will be asked to pay a weekly contribution of 1$ to the residents’ fund when you have a source of income or receive CSC allowance. This fund is used to allow small loans to the residents throughout their stay. 

Can I have visitors?
Visitors are welcome to our centres according to the specific hours of each halfway house. 

Weekend passes?
Following the regulations of each program, weekend passes are granted progressively throughout your stay. Keep in mind that weekend passes constitute a privilege and are conditional to good conduct and compliance towards your social reintegration objectives. 

Undeclared work?
We ask that you find a stable, legal and declared job which in turn will help you rebuild a credibility and financial health.

My vehicle?
If your financial situation allows you to have a car and if your SAAQ file is in good standing, you may own a vehicle.

Mandatory presences?
In order to foster a community lifestyle, mandatory presences at dinner time are included in our programs. Their numbers vary depending on which step you are at. For example, during the first month of your Day parole, four (4) mandatory presences are expected while two (2) presences are required for the second month, and so on.

On weekdays, the curfew is set at midnight. Curfews are set at 2 AM on Friday and Saturday for all our CRF.

What is lack of transparency ?
Being transparent means adopting an honest and truthful attitude with your clinical team concerning you daily life in community.

Statutory release with a residency condition?
We accept admission requests from Statutory release cases with a residency condition. You must however demonstrate your genuine motivation and meet our admission criteria.

Request for admission?
If you wish to stay at one of our halfway houses, you must first ask your P.O. at your host institution whether his recommendation is positive or not. Therefore, we will be able to study your file in details and take a decision regarding your application while assisting you if needed. 

I am not recommended by my parole officer?
From the beginning of your sentence, you will be informed of the expectations of your case management team regarding correctional programming. Hence, if you wish to be positively recommended, it is in your interest to invest time and effort in your correctional plan. Keep in mind that a positive recommendation is something you must earn.

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