Our organization is committed, through its programs and activities, that all its residents:

1.    Be respected.
2.    Receive high quality professional services.
3.    Be treated with regard and justice.

Our interventions focus on the development of autonomy, responsibility and honesty. To allow the development or consolidation of these achievements, we have established the rules of life that are in force in each of our centers.
The participant to our programs must:
Occupy stable employment and/or return to school.
Resume your family responsibilities and / or parenting.
Establish a budget allowing you to save on a regular basis to prepare to support yourself following the completion of your stay at the halfway house.
Get involved in the life and activities of the halfway house in order to contribute to the atmosphere of caring, cooperation and exchange of our environment.
Provide information about your whereabouts, your job, your associates, your personal difficulties.
Become actively involved in a helping relationship with your counselor with transparency and honesty. 
Respect the conditions of your release.

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