Prosper Boulanger Pavilion

The Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger is a Community Residential Facility which hosts clients under federal jurisdiction being release from the penitentiary. Its objective is to provide a peaceful and supporting living environment, likely to allow everyone to undertake and successfully complete the steps necessary for their return to the community.
Our approach promotes the establishment of a trusting relationship in which the understanding of the inherent difficulties is constantly present. We try together with the residents to understand their reality accurately to establish an action plan suited to their needs and likely to increase their sincere commitment towards change. In its mission to support individuals to reintegrate successfully the community, the Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger has developed a component that facilitates the return to studies of our clients. We also offer the opportunity to integrate our resource under a Day parole schooling project status.

For any questions regarding our program, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them. 
The Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger team

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