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Program Description
The Société Emmanuel-Gregoire comprises several programs targeted specifically to adult delinquent clients under federal jurisdiction.
Three halfway houses :
Résidence Emmanuel-Grégoire (REG)
Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger (PPB)
Pavillon Emmanuel-Grégoire (PEG)
A community parole agency:
Agence Emmanuel-Grégoire (AEG).
An employability assistance service specialized for judiciarized clients:
• Service d’Aide à l’Emploi de l’Est (SAEE).
All of our programs allows us to provide continuity of service as soon as you are relased and continuing, if necessary, beyond the legal warrant of our clients. 

The objectives of our programs
Our programs are based on the Choice Theory, an approach that respects the values of our organization. It particularly allows our clients to develop their accountability while giving them the tools they need to better cope with social constraints.
We offer an individualized helping relationship through criminological follow-up adapted to our clients’ needs. Our program suggests four (4) goals that seem essential to achieve a balance:
Occupational: A stable occupation is a solid foundation for a good social adaptation and allows you to feel valued. 
Financial: A balanced and realistic budget allows you to be autonomous and responsible in your life choices.
Relational: Parents and friends on whom you can rely and which have a positive influence on you can contribute to a successful social reintegration.
Leisure: Moments of relaxation are part of a balanced lifestyle.



Emmanuel Gregory Residence

The Résidence Emmanuel-Grégoire is a community residential facility offering a bilingual social reintegration program adapted to the needs and objectives of our clients. With the help and guidance of a professional team, your stay at our resource will be structured with your correctional plan objectives as a priority. Through your weekly meetings with your clinical counsellor, you will be encouraged to work on your criminal dynamic with the intent to modify your lifestyle and make your way to a more productive and socially acceptable living.
Our convivial and humanistic approach will ease the transition to the community and help our client to build the solid grounds necessary for a fresh start thus preparing their departure from the halfway house. We assist our clients in the steps towards a successful social reintegration and each client can rely on our support and advice while benefiting from a structured environment.
For any questions regarding our program, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them.
The Résidence Emmanuel-Grégoire team

Emmanuel Gregory Pavilion

The Pavillon Emmanuel Grégoire offers our clients a comfortable living environment and conducive to successful reintegration approaches of each and every one of them. Let us remember that we serve a clientele under federal jurisdiction. We address all hosting, assistance and monitoring needs generally involved in a return to the community. 
Our clinical staff members have at heart the success of the social reintegration process of our clients as we establish collaboratively with them the planning of their stay that generally promotes both the achievement of their personal and correctional objectives.
For any questions regarding our program, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them.
The Pavillon Emmanuel-Grégoire team

Prosper Boulanger Pavilion

The Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger is a Community Residential Facility which hosts clients under federal jurisdiction being release from the penitentiary. Its objective is to provide a peaceful and supporting living environment, likely to allow everyone to undertake and successfully complete the steps necessary for their return to the community.
Our approach promotes the establishment of a trusting relationship in which the understanding of the inherent difficulties is constantly present. We try together with the residents to understand their reality accurately to establish an action plan suited to their needs and likely to increase their sincere commitment towards change. In its mission to support individuals to reintegrate successfully the community, the Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger has developed a component that facilitates the return to studies of our clients. We also offer the opportunity to integrate our resource under a Day parole schooling project status.

For any questions regarding our program, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them. 
The Pavillon Prosper-Boulanger team

Emmanuel Gregory Agency

Following a transitional stay in one of our halfway houses, clients residing on Montreal territory will be supported in their social reintegration process by the clinical staff of the Agence Emmanuel-Grégoire and until their warrant expiry date. 
Our job is to ensure that our client consolidates its gains to enable him to play an active role in the community. The Agence Emmanuel-Grégoire provides community supervision services at the heart of which active listening and support help our clients to maintain a good balance in the different spheres of their life. If temporary difficulties arise, our clients can quickly access support services and accommodation provided in our three CRF. This avenue may be a desirable alternative to incarceration.
The Agence Emmanuel-Grégoire allows clients of our three halfway houses to benefit from the continuity of the intervention and the continuation of a positive experience during their transitional stay. 
For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them.
The Agence Emmanuel-Grégoire team

Job help services of the east

In 1983, the Société Emmanuel-Gregoire expanded its program by setting up the Service d’Aide à l’Emploi de l’Est (SAEE), a service allowing us to help our clients reintegrate the labor market. Over the years, the SAEE has developed various services to assist these clients in their process:
• Clarification of job and career choice. 
• Planning of a return to studies either to complete high school or to integrate vocational training in an educational institution or enterprise.
• Job search or paid internship.
The Service d’Aide à l’Emploi de l’Est has three service points near our three halfway houses. The first service, the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi located in Pointe-aux-Trembles is specialized for people aged between 16-35 years. The second office, located on De Marseille street is a five minute walk from the Honoré-Beaugrand Metro Station and has a team of employment counsellors dedicated exclusively to judiciarized customers. Finally, the third point of service located on Hochelaga street provides, among others, guidance services to assist clients in their process of returning to school.
The collaboration between the SAEE and its partners facilitates access to different programs and employment support measures made available on the Montreal territory by these organizations.
For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them.
The Service d’Aide à l’Emploi de l’Est team

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