Emmanuel Gregory Residence

The Résidence Emmanuel-Grégoire is a community residential facility offering a bilingual social reintegration program adapted to the needs and objectives of our clients. With the help and guidance of a professional team, your stay at our resource will be structured with your correctional plan objectives as a priority. Through your weekly meetings with your clinical counsellor, you will be encouraged to work on your criminal dynamic with the intent to modify your lifestyle and make your way to a more productive and socially acceptable living.
Our convivial and humanistic approach will ease the transition to the community and help our client to build the solid grounds necessary for a fresh start thus preparing their departure from the halfway house. We assist our clients in the steps towards a successful social reintegration and each client can rely on our support and advice while benefiting from a structured environment.
For any questions regarding our program, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer them.
The Résidence Emmanuel-Grégoire team

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