Our mission
As part of its mission, the Société Emmanuel-Gregoire is dedicated to assist and promote the social reintegration of adult offenders under federal jurisdiction.

As a community organization, we are engaged with individuals involved in a social reintegration process to offer them support and services to assist them in their pathway. 

The philosophy behind our approach
The philosophy of our organization’s members is based on a humanistic approach. Consequently, we believe that every individual is able to change and to develop his potential. Our interventins are particulary inspired by the Choice Theory.

Our clients
Our programs are open to all male federal inmates wanting to successfully reintegrate society. As part of our programs, we accept all of the following statuses:

• Day parole (DP)
• Day parole schooling project
• Full parole with a residency condition
• Statutory Release with a residency condition
• Unescorted temporary absences (UTA)
• All status as an alternative to incarceration.

The Société Emmanuel-Grégoire is not empowered to receive the clients meeting the following criteria:

• Severe psychiatric disorders cases;
• Repetitive sexual offenses, crimes connected to paedophilia;
• Organized crime active members. 


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